CS 491 Virtual and Agumented Reality

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Project proposal

Particle Motion in Non-Unifrom magnetic field

For project 3, I proposed to create a VR application that simulate the motion in non-uniform magnetic fields in physics
My motivation stems from my own difficulties when studying physics: I had problems visualizing abstract concept like force and velocity in circular motion. This problem is very difficult to visualize in 2D. Thus VR is very helpful here
Description: This VR app works as follows:


The target platform is the VIVE device in the classroom
I plan on using Unity for this project
I am the only developer

How to run the program

There are a stream of particle moving
Users can use the trigger to move different magentic field to different places as well as rotate it. (You need to graph them at the center) When the particles contact the magnetic field, the magnetic force will change their direction and velocity
Users can use the trigger to change the sliders to change the magnitude of the magnetic field as well as the charge of the particles
Users can also change the location of the target by graping it with the trigger and place it anywhere they want
Here are few screenshot from running the program
Here are list of all the resource I have used
Here is the link that explains how my program works link
Here is the link the the project source code link