CS 491 Virtual and Agumented Reality

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Project description

In this project, my partner and I created a fun house with 4 different rooms in Zelda themes. My rooms are follow

In the first room, there are models from the Zelda games. Mission is to find the key to open the door. There is only one key hidden under one of those baskets. Under other baskets are different scary spiders that you can pick up and throw at each other

The models in this room include:

I also create some objects:

Everything (except the lamp and the big spider)on the floor can be pick up with triger. The right key( under the pot) is picked up with grips. They key holder is on the right hand side of the door

The lamp is the light source

Here is the image of how the room look like

The second room is also have a similar concept. There are objects from Zelda game. There are also object flying around on top of you. There are also al lot of keys and your mission is to find a key to open the door. Models I use here include:

I created 5 different keys

Everything on the floor can be picked up with the trigger except for the monster, the treasure chest, the wolf and the sword between them. The torch is the light source. The right key is the yellow one in front of the door and can be picked up with gribs. The key lock is on the left handside of the door

Here is the image of how the room look like

There are background sound when you walk into the scene. It also plays sound when you pick up an object. If you pick up the right key, it will play a different soud to let you know that. When you put the right key into the lock, there is sound to let you know. When the key in the lock and you pull it out, it will also plays sound

Here is the link to assets for room 3 and 4


I think that this is a very cool project. If I have more time and less classes it would be very fun. One application is of course, the haunted house. You don't have to travel far and pay a lot of money to go to haunted house when you have one right here in the vive. I think that could totally be possible. you would first need an idea about what theme you implementing, or better yet, you could implement a lot of theme and let user choose it. Next is to create models. This is a very important step because most of the free models online are not realistic. They are good if you want some experience with unity and vrtk like for this project. But if you want to make money out of the project, they are not so good. Paid models on the other hand are very expensive and not practical if you want to make money out of this project. You need to invest heavily on this step because the more realistic the models are, the more fantastic the experience the customers will get. Sound effects are also important. You cannot call it a haunted house with a lot of scary sounds right? Again, like models, you need to invest a lot of effort into this. You can make it not so annoying and loud but still give customers the scary feeling. What I am thinking is wind howling in the background and when customers approach a door or a closet, a fast paced music is played (like in horror movies). On thing to consider is that when you put a lot of models and sounds into your scene, it slows down your computer and make the transitions not very smoothly.

Next thing is interaction. How many interaction are you going to put in your scene. They need to be plenty so customers do not get bored but not too many to distract customers. Because it is a virtual reality world so real life actions/interactions are must. For example, you can open the door or pick up things. We do it in real life is one thing but experience it in virtual reality is another thing, people are very excited to see it. Besides, all the physical sense would be preserved. For example, when you drop something, it should fall on the floor instead of floating mid air. It is because virtual reality still reflects real life. Besides, it would also be could to have some action/interaction that would not be possible in real life. For example, customers can fly like a bird. However, these need to be chosen very carefully. Flying would be cool but teleporting is not. You can do teleporting by simply deactivating a sense and loading another one. That is super easy and you save a lot of time and effort. But obviously customers will not happy with that. So choose your interaction/actions very carefully. Besides, you will need sounds with every interactions.

I would definitely widen the play area, 3x3 meters is too small and you cannot display a lot of thing. It would be so much cooler to wander round without being limited in that 3x3 area.

Some additional effect can also be added to the scene, for example, if the customer open the window, we can turn on the fan so the customer can feel like they are actually opening the window with the wind blowing their air, or the smell of the room can be changed according to the scene, etc

The current technology right now only allows one user at a time. It should allow multiple users because it is much more fun to experience it with other people. They don't need to be in the same scene or system. You can have different systems so people can play at the same time. If the system develops to allow multiple people play at the same time, you need to handle the interactions between people carefully so that interactions from different people do not get messed up.


Please follow this link to the introduction video of our project

Source code

Here is the link to download the source code. You should have Unity 2.6 link to download the source code. It is compatible with Unity 2018 2.6. You can open unity, build and run the executable or just run in the editor.