CS 491 Virtual and Agumented Reality

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For project 1, I had to create a dining scene with 6 objects:

All the objects should react with each other

I created some object with a sketchup

My theme is disney since my niece loves it

On the place mat, a disney scene will be displayed. When the system recognize the place mat, it will play a welcome in Mickey sound

The two cans are normal coke and diet coke. They are decorated with disney characters and flower. When they are put to the right of the place mat, the nutrition information will be displayed. When they are put together, mickey will appear next to minie an there are flowers, too. Sound will be played the the system recognize the cans. It will be either the sound of opening a can or the sounds or drinking

The two boxes are the creal boxes. Again they are decorated with disney character and animals. When they are put next to the place mat, the nutrition information will be display. Sound will be played when the system recognizes the boxes. On one of the box there are the cat next to the creal and the dog next to a box of milk. If you put the box close to each other, the animal will switch and be happy because the cat likes milk more and the dog likes cereal

The magazine is supposed to display repunzal story with the back and next button to flip pages

Here is the video link to see how it works


I think that the kid would love this technology. It makes breakfast more interesting. I can see that the kid are excited aobut animated character on their place mat or cerieal box. I have a 6year old niece and every breakfast is a struggle to get her eat. With this technology, it would be easier. Breakfast is not just simple for eating but also playing. She could see mickey or minie mouses waving at them, saying hi, or even have the cereal box talk to her. The interaction between the objects are also exciting. It like playing game. You put objects next to eachother and something cool happens. This will make eating more exciting

I think the idea of having cereal box showing nutrition information is very helpful. You need to know how much you should eat and whether something is healthy or not. Not only kids but also adult can befenit from this fruntion. Since we normally do not pay attention to the nutrition. This will make use more aware of what we eat

Here are some screenshot

Here is the link to the source code https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gQ9XCe2wjs9h5gKia3A-gZvh1w7wOrUl

Here is the list of all resources I've used